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Riddle School

I know that sometimes you would like to escape from school. Well, here’s your chance. Your name is Phil. Your OBJECTIVE or GOAL is to get out of Riddle School. Good luck! Don’t forget to define the key vocabulary and answer the questions in your notebooks.


tease (v.) =


1. Why is Phil, the boy, in the “special” class?

2. What does Phil use to get out of his class in Riddle School?

3. What do we call the man who cleans the school? (one word, a job – HINT: look at his door)

4. How can a student at Riddle School pass the “hall guard”?

5. To talk to your principal, what’s something good to tell her?


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Riddle School 2


plug (n.) (v.) =

**** HINT – Use the TAB key on the keyboard to find things.

1. How much money does Phil pay for the whistle?

2. What musical instrument does Phil, the boy, play?

3. What’s wrong with Ms. Sleep’s computer?

4. What does “obese” mean? Who is obese?

5. What did the student named “5” win a few years ago? Why did he win?